Thursday, December 17, 2015

Honour Graduate @ Specialist Cadet School Pasir Laba Camp

Congrats Son, you finally made it.
We are so proud of you 加油宝贝!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

One Day Trip to The Roti House & The Traditional Sing Hon Loong (新丰隆面包厂). 17 May 2014

On this fine Saturday morning we made a one day trip to Upper Thomson Road The Roti House to try the popular Roti Prata & Teh Tarik for breakfast. Does not find the prata nice as compared to the ones near our neighbourhood food court.

After that make our way to Balestier Whampoa passing by a traditional coffee powder factory, popular Eastern Rice Dumpling 东园肉粽。Final destination is this Sing Hon Loong (新丰隆面包厂), also known as Ghee Leong. This old-style shop in Whampoa is one of the last traditional bakeries to remain in Singapore. 

Managed to take a few photographs of the shop & the once traditional way of making bread & the childhood bread that we once had when we are still a child. There are not much of this type of traditional shop left in Singapore. One of the auntie had actually asked me: "不要随便拍照!" Forgot to tell her is actually because of the 照 I found on the website that I found the way to the shop...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


师傅, 当您旧地重游时,您会发现有个知音在这里默默的为您祝福。


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! May all of You be Loved & Blessed!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bangkok Trip - 11 to 15 Sep 2013_Day 4

It was still drizzling early morning & I was feeling a bit giddy, so Sherell & NaNa went to the 5 am Pratunam market without me :-( . They also had a harvested shopping & was even given 3 free blouse, which Sherell gave it to me.
After breakfast, we made our trip to Jatujak on our 4th day in BKK. JJ is very crowded especially on the weekends. We took a metered cab (120Baht + 50Baht for MRP) for our trip there as recommended by our hotel staff. It was raining very heavy on that day, some parts of the place was crowded (refer to the picture & video below).


NaNa's special Mango Chocolate Nuts flavour...yummy!
80Baht for this famous & yummy Mango Stick Rice, A Must Try in BKK!!!
The Popular "Pink" Chicken Rice stall is just opposite our hotel.
Just cannot forget it, bought one along the opposite of our hotel at 50Baht.
Hotel Night Scene
Looking out of the window 29th floor of Bekerley Hotel Rules!